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Abraham Finlay

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Skunk Encounter At River Forks Park

We came across a Skunk at River Forks Park this evening! As long as you don't move or do anything to scare them they will just run on by. Happy Mother’s Day!

Anna's Hummingbird Taking A Bath

I recently photographed this male Anna's Hummingbird taking a bath in my neighbor's artificial stream. This is now one of my favorite hummingbird photos I've taken! These birds are so fun to watch!

Bald Eagle Perched Along The North Umpqua River

If you pay attention while driving up Hwy 138 up towards Diamond Lake you can see a number of Bald Eagles perched along the river! I just photographed this one a few days ago.

Let me introduce you to the smallest member of the Falcon family in North America, the American Kestrel! These fierce little birds are very commonly seen perched along roads and fields to hunt. They will often implement another hunting technique where they will hover in mid-air looking down into a field to search for food.

Douglas County Fishing Report

Here are the latest fishing reports from various locations in Douglas County provided by ODFW. BEN IRVING RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, bass, bluegill, yellow perch, crappie Conditions remain the same at Ben Irving getting muddy after lots of rain. Some anglers find more success using bait than lures. Last updated 1/17/24. The mainstem and South Umpqua are high and muddy, but may start to clear up this weekend for some winter steelhead fishing. COOPER CREEK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, bass, bluegill, coho and Chinook smolts Rainy conditions over the last couple of weeks have made the ...