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Update on the Gun Incident Near Roseburg High School

5:09 AM ยท May 24, 2019

At approximately 11am this morning a Roseburg man Donovan Spontini was found asleep at 335 West Birch Court in a home owned by the Roseburg School District. He was arrested for drug possession and first-degree burglary. He was found asleep with an empty hand gun next to him on the floor and a small amount of meth. I'm not sure if he had any bullets in his possession. This home is 2-3 blocks away from Roseburg High School. The man has an extensive criminal history in the area. Donovan was arrested back in March for theft of $235k worth of vehicles and heavy equipment. The story got a bit blown out of proportion earlier. At no time were students in danger and Roseburg Police quickly dealt with the situation. Thank you to both the alert school staff and Roseburg PD.