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6:08 PM · Jun 27, 2019

DFPA News Release: Days Coffee Fire, Thursday Morning Update The Days Coffee Fire, located 6 miles northwest of Tiller, is now estimated to be 140 acres in size. Strong, gusty winds combined with steep slopes and limited access challenged firefighters most of the night as active fire behavior and multiple spot fires were being reported. All known spot fires were lined overnight with the exception of an estimated five acre spot fire, located about a half mile southeast of the main fire which crews are currently working on. Similar weather conditions are forecasted for today with a chance of thunderstorms throughout the area. If thunderstorms do develop, strong winds and downdrafts could challenge firefighters throughout the day. Today, 110 firefighters are assigned to the Days Coffee Fire, including: five 20 person crews, two tenders, one engine, one dozer, and two helicopters. Additional resources have been ordered to assist with the fire. Lightning Fire Update Firefighters located one additional lightning caused fire last night, located about five miles northwest of Glide and called the High Point Fire. A helicopter worked on the High Point Fire just prior to nightfall and estimated it to be 1/10th acre. Ground crews were unable to locate the fire overnight and will work their way back into it the fire this morning. The High Point Fire brings the total number of confirmed fires on DFPA protected lands up to seven. DFPA has scheduled another detection flight for this morning to look for additional lightning caused fires. In addition, ground patrols and staff in DFPA’s fire detection center will be monitoring the lightning affected areas.