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Update: I just discovered the owner of the News Review also owns the local Travel Agency that sponsored the advertisement dressed up as a news article that's basically a hit piece against Airbnb. Really News Review? Running a hit piece about Airbnb written by a competitor that is trying to protect their turf, as front page news? The Hotel lobby and travel agents hate Airbnb because they lose revenue. They stand to lose the most with the enormous expansion of short term rentals. Who else stands to lose $ from Airbnb? Newspapers and legacy media across the country who currently get advertising $ from Hotels and Travel Agents. Story courtesy of the American Association of Travel Agents and by a local Travel Agency in Roseburg? What's next? Stories about how bad Uber is courtesy of the Taxi Cab Industry? I saw newspapers all across the US run hit pieces on Craigslist for 10 years after Craigslist took away the majority of classified ad revenue from those same newspapers. It's dishonest, short sighted and loses people's trust. Our former community on the Big Island just suffered a big setback when local politicians passed enormous restrictions heavily restricting short term rentals. The crazy thing is there isn't a hotel within 20 miles or so of the community, so it was a crushing blow to residents and businesses and visitors that want to stay in the area. And they did this after the area lost a majority of vacation rentals to the lava flow last year. It was shameful. The Press is supposed to stand up for the people and shine light on conflict of interests between politicians and businesses that pay lots of money to get bogus laws passed to protect their turf. Another reminder that much of the mistrust that people