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A few nights ago, I was in my tent at Lone Pine Campground along Rock Creek just starting to lay my head down to go to sleep when I started to hear a loud cracking noise. I'd heard that same noise countless times during our recent snowstorm and knew a tree was coming down. I winced and braced myself just hoping it would somehow miraculously miss everyone. It was at our church campout and the campground was filled with kids and campers and tents everywhere. Then the trunk exploded on the tree and the ground shook as the tree came down and made impact. Me and about 25 other people scrambled over towards the direction where the sounds came from to find that the tree had perfectly landed in between two campers, causing as little damage as you could possibly hope for. There were children sleeping just a few feet away from where the tree ended up falling. It missed almost everything, only damaging a plastic cooler and a few camp chairs and minor damage to the top of one of the campers. It all happened at midnight, which was incredible. A few hours earlier and it would have landed right on top of a large group that was hanging around the campfire. We believe the tree was probably damaged during the snowstorm and finally snapped and fell down. Anyway, we were all grateful for how it turned out and that nobody was hurt.