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12:45 AM ยท Aug 19, 2019

New 24/hr Gas Station & Market Opens on Garden Valley A 24 hour, state of the art gas station and market has opened on Garden Valley Blvd in Roseburg. Many aspects of the design of the gas station and market are unique and utilize latest technologies. Starting inside the market, it features a fully automatic bean to cup coffee maker. It grinds the beans and then makes the cup of coffee on the spot. Next to it is an automatic hot chocolate and cappuccino machine. There is also an automatic milkshake and smoothy machine that should be operational within the next few days. There is a fresh food display, hot food section and both Pepsi and Coca Cola products are served. There is also a large walk-in beer cave that sits inside a large refrigerated area that keeps all the markets beverages cold. Outside, the hexagon canopy over the gas pumps is unique and the the only location with this style in Oregon at the moment. At the pumps, there is ethanol free gas as well as both kinds of diesel fuel, B5 and B20. Traffic is encouraged to enter the station via Eden street, which is the street that leads to Casey's on the west side of the station. The exit is then on the east side of the parking lot.