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6:17 PM ยท Aug 30, 2019

Food from Old Soul Pizza and Salud To Be Available at North Forty Beer Company in Downtown Roseburg for a Limited Time Today, North Forty announced that while their kitchen undergoes some construction, food from Old Soul Pizza and Salud will have their to-go menus available to order from. Patrons will be able to call Old Soul or Salud and order/pay over the phone, and the food will be delivered to North Forty. In addition, Arin Forrest from North Forty said that people could order food from other establishments as well via Door Dash and have the food delivered right to North Forty. Interesting thought: This could be a temporary glimpse into the future of restaurants. Patrons sit down at a location and are able to order food from any of 30 local options. Drinks are still sold in house. Interesting to think about!