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12:10 AM ยท Sep 6, 2019

Burglary in Oakland Leads to Police Chase that Ended in Roseburg. All 3 Suspects Detained Shortly before 2pm this afternoon, an Oakland resident (I'll refer to her as Jane) had just returned from grocery shopping. After bringing several loads inside her house, Jane noticed a car parked in the street with its hazard lights on. Jane decided that after bringing in the next load, she would go look into what was going on. Right at that moment, Jane noticed two guys running out of her neighbors home with a bunch of the neighbors belongings, including several firearms. At this point, Jane threw her groceries on the ground and started yelling at the suspects while simultaneously dialing 911. She also yelled out to another neighbor to follow the suspects and report their license plate number. Jane also was able to quickly get ahold of the person who's home was robbed and let them know what had happened. Fortunately they were not home at the time. Sutherlin Police responded very quickly. The three suspects involved in the robbery then led police on a chase down I-5, to Del Rio Road, to Garden Valley, to Stewart Parkway before finally ending in the back corner of the Albertsons parking lot. All three suspects fled on foot and were apprehended shortly thereafter. Apparently the suspects had several guns in their possession, some of which they may have discarded out the window during the police chase. A rifle case with gun reportedly still in it can be seen partially under the back rear tire of the suspects vehicle at Albertsons. Collection of other discarded items was also taking place this afternoon. Law enforcement officers from Sutherlin Police Department, Roseburg Police Department, Douglas County Sheriffs Office as well as Oregon State Police worked together to apprehend the suspects. Excellent job by our local law enforcement officers! More details to come...