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Today I met with a group of awesome City of Roseburg park officials to discuss some various ways we can help improve the Duck Pond Natural area. One of the things we discussed was improving visibility throughout the natural area. We are going to bring that about by removing downed trees, pruning in certain areas to increase line of sight and removing poison oak and blackberry bushes throughout the area. This will make the area easier to maintain, safer for the community to use and easier for law enforcement to patrol. It also should help cut down on illegal camping amidst the dense overgrowth. The camp in this picture from today is a mere 20 feet from Stewart Parkway and you cannot see it from the road. We found several needles in the camp. Parks Superintendent Brendon DeMuth already disposed of the needles. This camp will be cleaned up very soon. Thanks again to Kris Ammerman, Val Ligon, Tracy Pope, and Brendon DeMuth for meeting with us today and for all your work with our local parks. We have some other exciting things to share but I will wait until a few more details are confirmed. More information coming soon!

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