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7:02 PM ยท Sep 20, 2019

Douglas County Getting An Assigned Deputy to Crack Down On Illegal Dumping Sites The Douglas County Sheriffs Office has assigned Deputy Noel Garcia as the new Special Services Deputy in conjunction with the Douglas County Solid Department. He is a 21 year Veteran of DCSO, and was assigned to this new position that will be funded out of the Public Works Department budget. His primary duty will be to help resolve issues and complaints concerning illegal dumping of refuse in Douglas County. This comes at a very opportune time as county residents are growing increasingly frustrated by illegal dumping taking place. This week a post was shared on Roseburg Tracker highlighting all the trash being dumped at exit 110 at Boomer Hill. In this situation, the illegal dumping is going hand in hand with illegal camping. The two illegal activities often go are seen together. The new position was spearheaded by Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice. Critics are quick to blame increased transfer station fees as the cause of the illegal dumping. Personally, I don't think that argument holds up. We just recently spent several years living on the Big Island of Hawaii where it's free to dump your trash at all the local transfer stations. Yet, we would see trash illegally dumped all over the place. People that do not obey laws in general will often not inconvenience themselves to properly dispose of garbage, even when it's free to do so. I will update this post soon with the best place to report illegal dumping taking place in Douglas County. To report an illegal dumping site in the county people should call Linda at the Solid Waste Department at 541-440-4487