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Over the past few days some posts have circulated in the community about a man driving around the Harvard neighborhood offering gifts to children and acting in an odd manner. I reached out to both neighbors who have known him for a few decades as well as law enforcement. First of all, the odd behavior just started a few months ago. This isn't the man's normal behavior. Some life changes happened and it's apparent that a medical condition could be the culprit for the change of behavior that people have witnessed. Second, the behavior has been the same towards adults in the neighborhood. This is a classic instance where we need to be very careful with our public allegations of a person. It hardly took any effort to find out that there is a lot more going on that people don't understand. Based on what I witnessed today in person, and through conversations, we are witnessing a medical issue. If you observe strange behavior by someone, including this man, call it in to Roseburg Police and they can request additional help for the individual. Appreciate everyone's concern for the safety and well-being of the community.