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1:16 AMOct 22, 2019

Vulnerable Citizens Early this afternoon we had a situation where a man who was definitely not in a sound mind was walking through our neighborhood, flailing about, talking to himself and repeatedly walking in and out of traffic. I called it in to RPD when he walked onto school property. Then we waited for law enforcement to show up. After several minutes walking around school property, he started heading up towards Garden Valley Blvd. We slowly followed at a distance. And then something happened where I felt the need to intervene. We have senior citizens that travel through our neighborhood on their motorized scooters. This guy decided he was going to go up to this man as he passed him on his scooter. So I pulled right up to them and got out and asked the man walking if he needed anything. More than anything I wanted to make sure everyone was ok. The other man then left and walked up to Garden Valley and repeatedly walked into oncoming traffic. Within a few more minutes, a Roseburg Police officer caught up with the man in the middle of Garden Valley Blvd. This man on the scooter was in a very vulnerable situation and from what I saw was happening, it was a good thing I stopped. We all need to work together to help out in situations like this. Definitely want to encourage people to call Roseburg Police and report when you see people not in their sound mind. But also try to stick around if you can, especially if they might come across other vulnerable among us.