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5:43 PM · Nov 2, 2019

Volunteers Help Plant Trees in Stewart Park Natural Area Twenty six volunteers in total came out Friday morning to the Stewart Park Natural Area to help plant native trees and shrubs. Lots of work was done on a new pollination garden which will serve to help local bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and more. Trees were planted in several locations throughout the area as well as along the creek. There were several families that came out with their children and they seemed to really enjoy the planting process. There was no school yesterday for the kids but this served as an excellent learning opportunity for them. Roseburg Parks Department horticulturist Tracy Pope did a lot of work planning and preparing for the event including a trip to a nursery down south to acquire all the native plants and trees. Other parks employees helped stage the giant mound of dirt as well as large boulders being brought in as part of the pollination garden. When finished there will be a nice path through the garden. It’s going to be very cool and very helpful to the area! Thank you again everyone that came out and helped! We look forward to doing another project again soon!