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Miraculous Motorcycle Accident Survivor Continues to Recover

5:42 AM · Dec 27, 2019

Five months ago Jeff was in a motorcycle accident on Garden Valley Blvd in Roseburg. He collided into the side of a building across from Taco Bell and it didn't look like he was going to survive. Then he flatlined, over and over throughout the night. He had to be resusicated 8 times in the hours following the crash, but he miraculously held on. Jeff, a Vet who worked in Roseburg serving veterans his entire career was saved by local police, first responders and doctors who all did an incredible job. A few days ago he celebrated another Christmas and even went and looked at the motorcycle he was riding for the first time since the accident. Jeff is walking with the assistance of a cane, but still has a long road of recovery ahead. More surgeries will be required, but those will wait until he is able to gain some more strength. It's an encouraging story that came out of 2019 and the family wanted to thank you all for the prayers and support that came from the community. Press on Jeff!