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RHS Band Bingo/Dessert Dash Fundraiser

3:10 AM · Jan 30, 2020

The RHS Band Program will be hosting their annual Bingo night/Dessert Dash in the student center at Roseburg High School next Thursday February 6th. Bingo night helps support the students directly in earning funds for their student accounts to pay for things such as annual band expenses and this years trip to Anaheim for performance opportunities and fun. Proceeds from the sale of Bingo cards can go directly to a student's account with all other proceeds going to the band’s general fund which includes new instruments and music. $5 to play a bingo card for the entire night! You can specify if you want the money to benefit the RHS band program or an individual band student. The Dessert Dash involves each table combining their bids to claim one of the delicious desserts available at bingo night. The table with the largest bid gets first chance at dashing to the table and picking the dessert of their choice! To get your chance at the most delectable dessert, simply complete the bid sheet at your table. Be aware…….you’ll need to bid high to be the first table called and be fast to get your favorite dessert because the next winning table number will be called quickly…..this is the DASH part of Dessert Dash. Where: Roseburg High School 400 Harvard Ave, Roseburg, OR 97471 When: Thursday, February 6 at 6pm