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Loose Steer Put Down at Roseburg High School (Updated)

5:16 PM · Feb 13, 2020

(RPD) At approximately 5;47am on February 13th, 2020 a citizen called to report a black angus steer got out of their trailer while they were near milepost #124 on Interstate 5 in Roseburg. The owner of the steer said he was trying to locate it and keep it from getting on the freeway, and he believed it would need to be put down. The steer made its way to the Roseburg High School parking lot where it was put down. The owner of the steer was able to remove it and load it back in the trailer afterward. There were no students on the campus at the time of this incident. The Roseburg Police Department later received calls of a large pool of blood on the ground near the visitor's center on SE Spruce in Roseburg. It was determined this also was from the steer, as the owner pulled to the side of the road in that area after leaving Roseburg High School. Update on this morning's cow incident 1. It happened at 5:47 am and it was very dark at the time and the steer was all black. 2. The steer wasn’t injured that they were aware, but the owner had very serious concerns about it causing a serious accident on the Interstate, and the steer was headed that way in the grassy area adjacent to I-5. 3. The owner made the decision to put it down, and he requested law enforcement to do that because they had rifles. 4. Douglas County Sheriffs Office handled the situation as Roseburg Police Department was in the middle of another investigation. Very difficult situation for everyone involved but it could have ended much worse had the steer been allowed to go up on the interstate. Thankful for the help local law enforcement officers were able to provide.