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A Few Thoughts and School Update

4:50 AM · Mar 9, 2020

When new virus case numbers are released, it just means that a few more cases were identified, or discovered. It's not the real number we have in the state. That number will climb in proportion to the amount of testing we do in the weeks to come. So take the numbers with a grain of salt. Oregon is not encouraging any schools or universities to close at this time. There was a teleconference today with the media where they talked about their recommendations. A middle schooler up in Hillsboro was identified to have the virus today and they plan on keeping that school open. They also said that things could change their guidance in the future, but right now, they aren't encouraging any closures. Implications for parents and grandparents: you have to make your own decisions and do what's best for yourself and or your child. Could things change? My recommendation for parents is to observe what happens in Seattle and down in California as both states look to have much bigger outbreaks than we are seeing in Oregon right now. Watch what happens in those states. Many people asked about the specific location in Douglas County where our Coronavirus case is. At this point, we would be wise to assume and behave that it's all over the county and show precaution, good hygiene and do whatever each person needs to do to take care of themselves and their family. Have a good night everyone.