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Coronavirus Cases and Deaths Outside of China.

8:35 PM · Mar 11, 2020

This is an ugly graph. Via Helen Branswell Sr writer, infectious diseases @statnews with data from the WHO. China and South Korea have been able to break the trend via significant containment and mitigation efforts. It's becoming increasingly clear to the rest of the rest of the world that such measures will be required to prevent medical capacity from being completely overwhelmed. You are going to see and hear of more actions in the coming days from countries and individual US States as they try and flatten the curb of this growth. For example, all public schools in Seattle will close starting tomorrow. No gatherings over 250 people in the 3 largest counties in Washington. Golden State Warriors will not have fans in attendance at home games and at least some of the venues for March Madness will not have fans in attendance. It's going to require everyone working together to limit the impact this virus has on each community around the world.


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