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Douglas County Coronavirus Case Map for April 2nd

10:27 PM · Apr 2, 2020

10 cases 0 recovered 0 deaths "This map of Douglas County is meant to illustrate what health officials have been saying to the public for several days. Positive cases for COVID-19 are evenly spread throughout Douglas County. Due to the fact that people could be carrying the virus without symptoms in every community in Douglas County, and unknowingly spread it to others, DPHN, Oregon Health Authority, and the CDC recommend behaving as though the virus is everywhere. Precautions are simple: stay home, wash your hands often, sanitize your space often, keep a six foot space between you and anyone from outside your household, cover your cough or sneeze, and report flu-like symptoms to your Primary Care Physician. Not every COVID case requires testing or hospitalization. Call (541) 464-6550 to talk to a local health care professional." - DPHN


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