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Mercy Express Expands Transportation Services For Community

8:28 PM · Apr 30, 2020

Mercy Medical Center is expanding its Mercy Express transportation service, which helps community members, especially seniors and those with disabilities, get to and from appointments and other destinations in the county. Mercy Express operates Monday through Friday and one Saturday a month. Mercy announced this week it is expanding the service in light of the fact that a number of “Dial a Rides” have temporarily closed. “We are borrowing a bus to be able to add extra rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and possibly Saturdays, if we have enough interest and need,” Mercy said in a post on its Facebook page. Cleaning efforts are also being ramped up to protect riders and drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and drivers have gloves, masks and sanitizer on board. “Our Mercy Express drivers clean after every rider and have the experts at Squeaky Clean Express do regular extra sanitizing as well,” Mercy said in the Facebook post. All rides are scheduled by appointment. Appointments can be made by calling (888) 232-8121. If no one answers, leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as a dispatcher is available. Mercy Express service provides rides Monday – Friday and currently one Saturday a month (if they have riders). All rides are scheduled by appointment through the Dispatch number (888) 232-8121. We have borrowed a 2nd van to offer additional rides on Tuesdays/Thursdays and Saturdays for patients in treatment (but will take other riders if they call). The big push is for people to call and schedule, but to leave a message because they have also reduced the dispatch hours. Drivers have gloves and masks and sanitizer on board so they can clean between each ride. The vans are also professionally cleaned.