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Tent Camping Opened at Several Douglas County Parks

2:37 AM · May 19, 2020

(Douglas County, Ore.) Your Douglas County Board of Commissioners would like to remind citizens that campgrounds operated by the Douglas County Parks Department, while maintaining some limited use restrictions, continue to be open for your recreational enjoyment. Additionally, as of May, 19, 2020, they are excited to announce that they will be offering additional recreational opportunities, such as tent camping, non-self-contained recreational units and some cabin and yurt use at the County parks listed below. Despite being open and with the new services being offered, we continue to encourage residents to follow the limited use restrictions, as well as the recommended CDC guidelines for physical distancing, sanitation and personal health. “We do understand the role our outdoor recreational sites provide in keeping our residents mentally and physically healthy, accordingly our parks do have the capacity to allow you to get out and rejuvenate, while remaining dispersed,” commented Board Chair, Commissioner Chris Boice. As a reminder, this notice only applies to parks and campgrounds operated by our Douglas County Parks Department and not State, Federal or privately operated parks and campgrounds located in Douglas County. For information on parks and campgrounds operated by those agencies, you will need to contact them directly. Douglas County Operated Campgrounds Adding Additional Recreational Opportunities May 19: Charles V. Stanton County Park Campground Chief Miwaleta County Park Campground John P. Amacher County Park Campground Mildred Kanipe Memorial County Park Campground Pass Creek County Park Campground Whistler’s Bend County Park Campground Please remember all other restrictions will remain in place, including but not limited to: Staying home if you are sick. Physical Distancing of 6 feet will be required at all times. Do not overcrowd a campsite. Wearing of masks is recommended. Being Prepared - Bring your own soap, hand sanitizer, towels, toilet paper and disinfectant wipes. All picnic tables and other campground amenities will not be sanitized. Visitors using facilities will be doing so at their own discretion and must take all necessary precautions to ensure for their own personal health and safety. Leave no trace. Pack out what you bring in. Group Camps will remain closed. Cabins at Umpqua Dunes will remain closed. Restroom/Showers will be open from 8:00 am to 10:00 am & 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm only Campgrounds will be open only to Oregonians. Each campsite will be limited to 8 individuals. Stick to low-risk activities to reduce stress on local emergency response and health care systems. Watch and follow signs at the parks for more information. Again, please make sure you review and follow the recommended CDC guidelines for physical distancing, as well as our limited use guidelines, so we can continue to keep our parks and campgrounds open. You are your best defense against COVID-19. All public facilities are only as clean as the last person who touched them. Be prepared and bring your own soap, disinfectant wipes or sanitizer with you if you plan to visit a public facility. Use of our facilities is at your own risk. Please focus on protecting yourself, your family, and your community.?For more information or questions, please contact our Douglas County Parks Department at (541) 957-7001 or by email at Via Douglas County Release


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