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Doug Freeman Retiring as Principal at Hucrest Elementary

1:35 AM · May 28, 2020

Doug Freeman has been in the profession of education for 45 years. Now after 20 years in Roseburg, he's about to retire as the Hucrest Elementary School principal. “It has been my calling and my service to the great society in which we live.” Freeman said. He retired from teaching and being a principal in Montana after twenty-five years in 2000. “I loved teaching kids and then teaching teachers.” Freeman said. “This evolved into becoming a principal in Montana for several years prior to retiring from that state.” Doug and his wife Nyleen, moved to Roseburg in 2000 where he was hired as the assistant principal at Joseph Lane Middle School. After a couple of years, he became the principal at Joseph Lane until 2012 when he took on a new challenge at Hucrest Elementary as the principle there. “Simply put, I love what I do and it has been bittersweet to give it up and prepare for the next part of my journey, retirement.” Freeman said. “Giving it up is hard, because it drives you every day to make a difference in kids’ lives. We’ll be spending more time with our grandkids and their education and my wife and I will be doing a lot of traveling.” Freeman said the last couple of months have been much different than they expected as educators. But he said they're not a profession to see change as a barrier but rather a challenge to be taken on and conquered. “The Hucrest staff is amazing and has definitely had a huge learning curve recently,” Freeman said. “Every opportunity opens new doors for us, we just have to choose to go through the door and enter the unknown to discover and learn. After all, we expect kids to do that; we should certainly be able to model it for them.” Freeman talked about his advice for teachers. “We're the voice of hope for kids and we can never give up on them. We have to be their cheerleader and encourage them to keep their doors open.” Freeman said. “That starts from an early age, from kindergarten, go for your dreams and for what you love. Get kids to think about what their future will be like and to set goals. As teachers, we try to help them organize their success story. It’s a partnership with parents, not just with the kids but with the families and the parents as well. When there is a partnership with the school, the student always wins, school and family. It really increases the chance of success for those kids.” Freeman also wanted to show his appreciation for parents. “I would thank the parents for entrusting their kids to educators,” Freeman said. “Our kids are the best thing we will give the world. When we entrust those with other adults, it’s an honor and privilege to do that for their kids.” For those wanting to send a letter, card or drawing that highlights what Mr. Freeman has meant to you as your principal drop them off the week of June 1-5. Mr. Freeman Hucrest Elementary 1810 NW Kline Street Roseburg, OR 97471 The school will also host a send off parade for Mr. Freeman on June 11 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.