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Oregon Sending 100 State Police & 50 National Guard to PDX

10:26 PM · Jun 1, 2020

Here is a recap of a press conference being held right now with Oregon Governor Brown. Friday - thousands gathered in Portland in peaceful protests. Friday night - small groups started vandalizing Saturday night - more protests, more property damage, Portland instituted a curfew Mayor of Portland asked for national guard, Gov Brown directed State Police to support Portland Police. 50 National Guard members were on standby just in case they were needed. They were not needed or deployed last night. Monday morning, Portland Mayor again requested National Guard presence. Gov Brown is sending 100 additional State Police to support Portland Police. Also sending in 50 National Guard members in a support role. They will be acting as support personal behind the scenes. The goal is to not need a military show of force to get things under control. One of the reasons the state is bringing in the extra support right now is to help prevent fatigue from existing Portland officers who have been working long hours. The National Guard will not be armed. 100 State Troopers will be stationed mostly in the City Center downtown.

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