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Peppypotmaus Chooses Roseburg As Their Next Location

10:37 PM · Jun 3, 2020

Peppypotamus, a children’s resale store, has chosen Roseburg as its next location. Their grand opening will be July 1. Peppypotamus will be located in One Champion Plaza at 250 NW Garden Valley Blvd Suite 9. Eric Sanne and his wife Victoria started Peppypotamus in Springfield in November 2016. Customers can buy, sell, trade or donate items to the store. “Since opening we have wanted to open a second location for some time now,” Sanne said. “Roseburg was an easy choice because we have a good size following that travels to Eugene just to come to our store. We’re super excited to be in Roseburg and get to know the town and community better.” The store enjoys giving back to their community, so they do a monthly item giveaway. They would like to continue that tradition in Roseburg. The giveaway is a monthly event where they take items donated that they were unable to sell in the store. These items still have a use and purpose, but may just be worn, have slight stains, or simply be out of style. “We consistently had thousands of items a month and hundreds of people attended our events before Covid," Sanne said. "However, we use the main walkways of our mall in Springfield, so we likely won't have space in Roseburg to host the event. I'm hoping to team up with a church or non-profit organization that will collect the clothes from us and host the giveaway. We're also hoping to stay involved with the events if possible.” Eric said that their customer service has been the key to their success. “It's easy for my wife and I, we’re both pretty extroverted and enjoy meeting new people,” Sanne said. “It's taken some time, but we now have four employees in Springfield that share those same values and qualities. I have customers that have been coming to us since day one and they always seem shocked when I ask how their entire family is doing, and I mention them all by name. That and I believe that our generosity and philanthropic views have been a light in our community and we would love to share that with all of Oregon.”

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