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Oregon Coronavirus Update for June 13

11:20 PM · Jun 13, 2020

After doing really well into the middle of May, Coronavirus cases and infection rates are now on the rise over the past few weeks in Oregon. Douglas County has had 1 new case in the past 14 days which is good. The increase of cases is spread all over the state and isn't just in one county. This is part of the reason that Oregon Gov Brown put a one week halt on lifting any coronavirus restrictions. They are waiting to see if the numbers continue to rise. This first map is the new cases discovered in the past 14 days in every county around the state. The second image shows new cases going all the way back to February. In the past 6 days, we have had 4 days that would have been record setting new case days before this past week. The third shows the infection rate from March until today.

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