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Oregon Set A Daily Case Record Today with 278 New Cases

3:17 AM ยท Jun 17, 2020

Oregon set another daily case record with 278 new cases today. The state is definitely seeing a worrisome trend right now with cases continuing to spike. A church in eastern Oregon was having large gatherings (in the hundreds) back in May and now has at least 236 Covid-19 cases. 5 people have been hospitalized so far. The 236 positive tests were discovered out of the 356 members of the church that were tested. Union County where the outbreak has been taking place, went from 22 cases on Sunday, to 240 today. Union County has 26,835 people living in it. For comparison, Douglas County has a population of 110,980 and currently has had 29 cases to date. According to The Observer newspaper in Lagrande it did not appear that masks were being worn at the gatherings at the church.