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Oregon Gov Announces Further Steps to Slow the Virus

6:16 PM · Jul 22, 2020

Oregon Governor Brown today announced updated guidance to help slow the virus. The new guidance effective Friday July 24th - statewide. 1. Expanding face covering requirement to children ages 5 and older in public indoor spaces and outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Will be consistent for guidance for schools. 2. Removing mask wearing exceptions inside gyms, even when exercising. 3. Lowering gatherings size limits for inside venues such as large restaurants, bars, community centers, churches, movie theaters, gyms, from a max of 250 people to 100. Outdoor venue cap will be maintained at 250 people. 4. Service hours for food establishments/bars etc will be required to close at 10pm instead of midnight. State does not want to enact closures as other states have done. 5. Tourist travel into Oregon could be restricted soon, or a quarantine period could be added in the coming days from hotspot states. 6. Indoor social gatherings will continue to have a limit of 10 people. More info coming soon.

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