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One Mercy Employee Tests Positive For Covid-19 and 6 More Presumptive Positive

9:11 PM · Aug 5, 2020

One Mercy Medical Center employee has tested positive for Covid-19 and six more are considered presumptive positive at this time. “Since the coronavirus was identified, our organization has been focused on ensuring the safety of our employees and our patients. The employee who tested positive was exposed on their time off, and no patients were exposed due to our PPE protocols. Staff who have tested positive are now in quarantine for two weeks and we will continue to work closely with Douglas Public Health Network as we move forward. I personally want to reassure our community that Mercy remains a safe place to receive health care and we will continue our commitment to safety. From screening everyone who comes facility, limiting visitors, masking both patients, visitors and staff and following the CDC guidelines we are dedicated to ensuring a safe and healing environment.” Kelly C. Morgan, president and CEO. Here is the latest from Mercy Medical Center: "Covid-19 A single Mercy employee tests positive -Exposure did not occur at Mercy. No patients were exposed, due to our masking and PPE protocols. One Mercy employees have been identified as positive and six presumptive positive with COVID-19 and are currently quarantined. Important things to know: * We take the safety of our patients and our staff very seriously and have implemented PPE and masking protocols in place to create a safe and healing environment. * Exposure occurred during the employee’s off time, via contact with attendees at an event which included an out of state traveler who tested positive. The attendees at the event were not consistently wearing masks consistent with large gathering state requirements * Six additional employees were possibly exposed when the employee returned to work. These employees are now considered presumptive by the state. * The State defines a presumptive case as someone who has two or more symptoms and a direct exposure to a known COVID positive This incident has reinforced the need to follow the state's recommendations and requirements. Please - o Wear a mask when you are out in public o Avoiding congregating in large groups, including while eating meals o Limit out of town travel and out of town guests o Maintain six feet from others as much as possible o Do not attend large community gatherings, or host large gatherings including family events."

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