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Free Fishing This Weekend in Oregon

10:46 PM · Aug 11, 2020

(ODFW) No fishing licenses or tags (including a Combined Angling Tag or Columbia River Basin Endorsement or Two-Rod Validation) are required to fish, crab or clam in Oregon this weekend (Aug. 15-16). Although no licenses or tags are required, all other fishing regulations apply including closures, bag limits and size restrictions. See the Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations to find out more and remember to check for any in-season regulation changes (especially for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and marine fishing) by checking the Angling Zone at NONRESIDENT CLOSURES While nonresidents can also fish for free Aug. 15-16, there are still special restrictions in place on the coast due to Covid-19. Currently, clamming and mussel harvesting is closed to nonresidents coastwide. Crabbing is open to nonresidents along most of the coast but remains closed to nonresidents in the Columbia River and in ocean areas north of Cape Falcon (nonresidents may crab in bays and estuaries north of Cape Falcon e.g. Necanium River estuary). Razor clamming is closed to all on Clatsop beaches due to the annual conservation closure that protects newly set young clams. New to fishing and wondering where to go? Check the Recreation Report ( ) which is updated on Thursday each week, for the best opportunities for the weekend. This time of year, the best bets are typically warmwater fishing and high lakes trout fishing. On the coast, try surfperch fishing from beaches or jetties. Crabbing or clamming can be a great activity for families. Find tips on where and how-to fish, crab, or clam at Before clamming or crabbing: Remember to call the ODA Shellfish safety hotline at 1-800-448-2474 or check…/Shell…/Pages/ShellfishClosures.aspx The Oregon Department of Agriculture regularly tests shellfish and closes areas when naturally occurring biotoxins get to levels that make crabs and clams unsafe to eat. Please remember to follow ongoing precautions in place due to the virus: • Practice social distancing. Keep six feet between you and anyone who doesn’t live in your immediate household, including while on a boat or at a fish cleaning station. • Wear a mask. Recreation areas can get more crowded on the weekends and during Free Fishing Weekend. Wear a mask outdoors when you can’t maintain six feet of distance from someone who doesn’t live in your household. • Wash your hands often. Keep up on personal hygiene and bring your own water, soap, and hand sanitizer with you. • Stay home if you are sick. • Be prepared. Restrooms and other facilities may be more limited. Bring your own soap, water, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, food, etc. • Avoid crowds. Go someplace else if your destination looks crowded. • Pack out what you pack in. Take any garbage with you. • Check for access before you go. Many spots have reopened to public access but some may still be closed, now due to wildfire season as well as Covid-19.


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