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Archie Creek Fire Update 5:30 pm Wednesday, Sept 9

12:35 AM · Sep 10, 2020

I just got back from Glide and I wanted to share what I’ve learned. First, this fire is an absolute monster. Yesterday it exploded in size and intensity. It went up Rock Creek and to my knowledge burned most of that area. The hatchery is gone. I’m not sure about the campgrounds, but it's not looking good. There were several dozen homes up in the Rock Creek road area. Idleyld Store is still standing. The fire front is 150 ft away from the Narrows Tavern coming down the hill. It's approximately 1 mile or so from the Green Bridge in Glide on the north side of the river. On the south side, its taken some homes on Bar L Ranch Road. Firefighters are working hard up on Terrace Drive and Upper Terrace Lane to save as many homes as possible. The fire is up to that area I believe but I don’t have an accurate outline at this point. Archie Creek Fire was reported to be approximately 70k acres earlier today. It's likely a lot bigger than that right now. Late this afternoon, looking at the satellite imagery it really looked like the fire took off again. There is a fire between the north lobe of the Archie Creek Fire and Sutherlin. It is an offshoot from the Archie Creek Fire but they are not connected at this point. Here is the latest maps of the fire: The Douglas County Sheriffs Office just released detailed evacuation maps for the area. Lastly, want to say a big thank you to all our firefighters, ODOT, county officials, and everyone else working together to battle these fires. Thanks to those who are helping the evacuees, those making food, and those just finding ways to help. You all are appreciated. -Ryan

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