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Morning Update For Thursday, Sept 17th

6:21 PM · Sep 17, 2020

Glide and the areas around the Archie Creek Fire and Thielsen Fire have just been put under a Flash Flood Watch for tonight. We have the possibility of getting thunderstorms, even severe thunderstorms which could bring heavy rain, wind gusts up to 60 mph, and hail up to an inch in diameter to these areas. I will be following this closely today for forecast updates from the NWS. Read more here: The Archie Creek Fire is now up to 130,450 acres. Lots of activity up by Emile Creek off of Little River Road. This increased activity led to a Level 3 evacuation notice being reissued for just after New Bridge Road to the end of Little River Road. Read more here: Air quality in the area continues to improve. the AQI is down to 76 as of 11 am Thursday morning. This should improve even more over the next day or so as the weather system arrives later on Thursday. I shared a few encouraging snapshots this morning. One was the Ashland fire crew helping save homes and structures up Little River Road. Another was from the Forest Service this morning. One of their officers found and rescued an owl while doing evacuations. Hope you all are doing well. If you ever have a question, tips, suggestions etc you can reach me anytime at

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