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Roseburg Police Logs for 9/16/2020

6:42 PM · Sep 17, 2020

PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 09/16/2020 (07:50 AM) LOCATION: Pine / Burke, Roseburg INCIDENT: Non Injury Traffic Collision CASE #: 204043 PERSON(S): (D1) Labib, Merna Yehia (26) Roseburg, (D2) Sumner, Damion Terrell (25) Transient CHARGE(S): Labib – Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device VEHICLE(S): Labib: OR 975JUN Silver 2008 Subaru Impreza, Sumner: OR 725GWX Black 2001 Honda Accord DETAIL(S): Sumner was traveling south in the right lane of Pine as he approached the intersection with Burke. Labib was facing east on Burke stopped at the intersection with Pine. Labib intended on crossing Pine and continuing east toward Stephens. Labib entered the roadway and claimed she never saw Sumner in the roadway until the vehicles collided.Labib's front bumper was ripped off and Sumner's vehicle sustained heavy damage to the passenger rear area. Sumner was able to limp his vehicle out of the roadway and neither vehicle needed a tow. Sumner lied about his name and then ran from the location before his true identity could be obtained.Once Sumner's true identity was discovered, so was the fact there was a warrant out of Washington for his arrest. Officers searched the area for Sumner, but were unable to locate him. DISPO: Traffic Collision. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 09/16/2020 (10:00 PM) LOCATION: 1539 Mulholland, Roseburg INCIDENT: Disorderly Conduct CASE #: 204058 PERSON(S): (S) Morris, Thomas (69) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Criminal Trespass II, Disorderly Conduct II, Harassment VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Morris refused to leave the hotel lobby after he tried to take a bag of breakfast foods, and was not a guest there. When Officers arrived he was escorted to the parking lot where he yelled until guests came out of their rooms and into the parking lot. Morris charged at an officer twice while yelling obscenities in an attempt to provoke a violent response. DISPO: Cited and Released. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 09/17/2020 (01:30 AM) LOCATION: Mulholland / Stewart Parkway, Roseburg INCIDENT: Warrant Arrest CASE #: 203618 PERSON(S): (S) Bailey, Craig Aaron Lord (29) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Warrant – Failure to Appear (Roseburg Municipal) VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Bailey was contacted in the area and he was cited and released on the listed warrant. DISPO: Cited and Released.

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