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Sneaker Waves Possible on Oregon Coast Tuesday

5:12 PM · Dec 28, 2020

The Oregon Coast will see an increased risk of sneaker waves on Tuesday. A few weeks a video surfaced of a man and his dog almost being swept out to see before barely escaping a sneaker wave on the Oregon Coast. Just a good reminder to be very careful and not to turn your back on the ocean. Here's the statement from the NWS. "There is an increased risk for dangerous sneaker waves Tuesday afternoon and evening. Sneaker waves are waves that can surprise beachgoers, running up on beaches significantly farther than other waves or over outcroppings. Beachgoers can be knocked down and dragged into the very cold ocean by these waves resulting in injury or drowning. Logs and other debris can be tossed around and people can become trapped under them. If you see someone swept into the ocean, do not swim in after them."

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