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Granny's Mini Hut Owner Battling Colon Cancer

9:21 PM · Jan 22, 2021

For Tim Lacey, the challenges keep coming. On top of a difficult year that most people will never forget, the Granny's Mini Hut owner recently found out he is battling stage three colon cancer. Granny’s Mini Hut has been hit with a series of setbacks to their business and owner Tim Lacey recently found out he is battling stage three colon cancer. Back in September Tim was hospitalized and then sent home with medicine to see if he could heal up enough to do exploratory tests to diagnose if he had cancer. That exploratory procedure happened on November 24th where a blockage from a tumor determined emergency surgery was necessary the very next day. “They cut out part of the cancer in my colon, but some of that has gotten into my lymph nodes.” Tim Lacey said. Tim is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is looking forward to when that is completed. Due to the emergency surgery, Granny’s had to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off. They also had to close from November 1-14 because of a Covid exposure with a staff member. “We worked one week and shut down the week of Thanksgiving,” Tim Lacey said. “This was the beginning of Covid affecting our business. We were staying above water until this happened.” Once Tim realized he was sick, Granny’s also had to cancel 14 Saturday events starting in September. “For these reasons, we are shorthanded and need to remain takeout only until I can return full time.” Tim Lacey said. Behind the scenes, Tim’s wife Ginger is doing all the prep work before Granny’s opens each day. “We are shorthanded to say the least and can't hire additional help at this time. As the restrictions are lifted, we will reevaluate our situation,” Tim Lacey said. “Hopefully all of Roseburg and Douglas County will understand and continue bringing their support.” Tim and Ginger have owned Granny’s Mini Hut for the last six years.

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