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Roseburg Family Encounters Gray Wolf Near Diamond Lake

3:34 AM · Feb 10, 2021

A Roseburg family had just left Diamond Lake this morning to head back to Roseburg when they came across a Grey Wolf on the side of Highway 138 not long after they left. Danielle Hedlund and fiancee Chris Brady couldn’t believe their eyes. Neither could their children. “Mom, is that a real wolf?” “Is it hungry since the fires just happened?” Wyatt Parker asked his mother. Danielle’s oldest son Ayden’s mouth was wide open in amazement. Their youngest, Ryker, was so excited he didn’t know what to think. Everyone in the family was kind of in shock at what they were looking at. The gray wolf was likely a member of the Indigo pack that is known to frequent the area near Diamond Lake off of Highway 138. As of January, Gray Wolves were just removed from the endangered species list, and they are now managed by state fish and wildlife agencies including ODFW. At 10:51 am this morning, the family was able to pull over near where the wolf was standing and take in the very rare sight. For a moment, it appeared like the wolf was going to try and cross the highway, but it walked up the road a ways and then disappeared back into the trees. The trip had already been a memorable one for the family with lots of fun and playing in the snow. They also had seen several Bald Eagles the past few days. Danielle’s grandfather always said that whenever you see a Bald Eagle, it brings you good luck. So when Danielle first saw the wolf this morning one thing came to mind. Her grandfather.

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