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Roseburgh Police Log for March 2nd

5:01 PM · Mar 3, 2021

PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/02/2021 (12:04 PM) LOCATION: 700 SE Jackson St Roseburg INCIDENT: Warrant CASE #: 210524 PERSON(S): (S) Newton-Clark, Matheau Pedro (25) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Failure to Appear on a Roseburg Municipal Warrant for Criminal Trespass II and Offensive Littering. VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Matheau was contacted at Eagles Park and had a warrant out of Roseburg Municipal Court for Trespass in the Second Degree and Offensive Littering. The warrant was confirmed and Matheau was issued a citation and released on scene. DISPO: The warrant was removed from LEDS/NCIC. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/02/2021 (12:30 PM) LOCATION: 1614 SE Stephens, Roseburg INCIDENT: Warrant CASE #: 204981 PERSON(S): (S)-Simmons, Tanner (22) Roseburg CHARGE(S): FTA warrant out of Roseburg Police Department for Theft in the Second Degree, Harassment and Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree. VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): I contacted Tanner during a traffic stop and he had the above FTA warrant, which was confirmed through dispatch. DISPO: I cited/released Tanner on his warrant. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/02/2021 (01:00 PM) LOCATION: 800 NW Highland, Roseburg INCIDENT: Warrant CASE #: 210944 PERSON(S): (S)-Hay-Chapman, Allan (35) Roseburg CHARGE(S): FTA warrant for Theft in the Second Degree out of Myrtle Creek Police Department VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): I contacted Allan in the parking lot of Gaddis Park on an unrelated matter. Dispatch located and confirmed the above warrant. DISPO: I cited/released Allan on his warrant. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/02/2021 (01:45 PM) LOCATION: NW Garden Valley/NW Highland, Roseburg INCIDENT: Reckless Driving/Obstructing CASE #: 210949 PERSON(S): (S)-Smith, Michael (37) Roseburg, (S)-Schroeder, Thomas (43) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Smith-Reckless Driving, Driving While Suspended-Violation, Driving Uninsured, Schroeder-Obstructing Governmental Administration, FTA warrant out of Canyonville Justice Court VEHICLE(S): (OR-123EMV) 1993 black Ford Ranger DETAIL(S): I saw Michael drive past me south on NW Highland. I started to turn around to do a traffic stop and Michael drove away at a high rate of speed passing cars and going into the oncoming lanes. He was eventually tracked down and initially denied being the driver but ultimately admitted he was driving.His friend, Thomas, lied to me about Michael being at his house all day working. Thomas also had the listed warrant. DISPO: Michael and Thomas were both cited and released. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/02/2021 (02:45 PM) LOCATION: 500 SE Washingtom (Washington Bridge) INCIDENT: Drug violations CASE #: 210951 PERSON(S): (S) Houck, Myson Josiah. 32 YOA Roseburg CHARGE(S): Possession of Meth- Violation VEHICLE(S): N/A DETAIL(S): I responded to a report of Myson standing on the railing of the bridge and it appeared he was going to jump into the river. I contacted Myson and he told me he was not suicidal and was just trying to look at the fish in the river. While I was speaking to Myson, a county unit called me and requested I arrest him for a VRO. (DCSO case #21-1020) DISPO: I arrested Myson for the VRO. It was later discovered Myson had .33 grams of Meth in his possession. He was cited for the violation and released to Douglas County Corrections for the DCSO case. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/02/2021 (02:56 PM) LOCATION: NW Stewart Parkway & NW Mercy Drive, Roseburg INCIDENT: Injury Traffic Crash CASE #: 210948 PERSON(S): (D1C) Karels, Anthony Dominic 64yo Riddle, (DR2) Fredlund, McKenzie Lee 22yo Roseburg CHARGE(S): Karels: Dangerous Left Turn VEHICLE(S): Karels: OR 354GNR Silver 2005 Dodge Caravan, Fredlund: OR 997JKW 2014 Black Hyundai Elantra DETAIL(S): Fredlund was traveling east in the right lane of Stewart Parkway as he approached the intersection with Mercy Drive near Big 5. Karels was traveling west on Stewart Parkway as he approached the intersection.Karels saw Fredlund traveling toward him, but thought he had enough room and time to make his left turn. Karels made a left turn directly in front of Fredlund, causing Fredlund to collide with the passenger side of Karels van. Both vehicles sustained extensive damage and were clearly totaled. Karels complained of neck pain and was transported to Mercy Medical Center via ambulance. Fredlund complained of left shoulder pain and was transported to Mercy Medical Center via ambulance. DISPO: Both vehicles were towed by Roseburg Towing. Karels was issued a citation for Dangerous Left Turn. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/02/2021 (03:30 PM) LOCATION: 780 NW Garden Valley Blvd INCIDENT: Trespass CASE #: 210950 PERSON(S): (S) Ulra, Mars Lee (37) Rosburg CHARGE(S): Criminal Trespass I, Theft III, Escape III, Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Police Officer. VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Officers contacted Mars at Dollar Tree after he was called in for previously trespassing. Officers caught him in the act of stealing items from the business. Mars was told he was under arrest and Mars took off running. Officers followed Mars as he was screaming and yelling about fighting with officers. Mars continued to run across the street and into traffic, where he almost caused several accidents. Mars was eventually tased by two officers, before he was incapacitated from the taser probes. Mars eventually fell the ground and was taken into custody after a short struggle to get his arms behind his back. Mars was moved out of the roadway and he was provided medical attention. No officers were injured during the arrest. DISPO: Mars was lodged at corrections. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/02/2021 (05:30 PM) LOCATION: 3171 NE Stephens, Roseburg INCIDENT: Warrant, Escape CASE #: 210548/210953 PERSON(S): (S) Torguson, Preston Nicholas (31), Roseburg CHARGE(S): Warrant-RPD-FTA (210548)Escape III (21-953), Disorderly Conduct II, Possession of Heroin, Resisting Arrest VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Contact was made with Torguson on NE Stephens Street across from Housley for trespassing at the Co Op. Officers knew Torguson had an active warrant out of RPD. Once the warrant was confirmed, Officer Dahl told Torguson he was under arrest.At that time Torguson took of running eastbound across NE Stephens. Officer Powers attempted to taze Torguson with no success. Torguson continued to run eastbound on Housley with officers in chase. Torguson cut through a yard of a residence and backtracked to Edenbower where he ran through the intersection of NE Stephens and NE Edenbower before finally being caught near the Brookdale Memory Care facility DISPO: Torguson was lodged for the RPD warrant and was lodged for the above mention crimes with a different case number. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/02/2021 (10:43 PM) LOCATION: 1036 SE Douglas, Roseburg INCIDENT: Warrant CASE #: 202383 PERSON(S): (S) Ball, Merrill Joseph (29) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Warrant - Failure to Appear (Roseburg Police Department) VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Merrill was contacted for wandering around the Douglas County Courthouse. I ran him through dispatch and was told he had the aforementioned warrant. The warrant was confirmed by dispatch. DISPO: Merrill was cited and released on scene. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 03/03/2021 (02:05 AM) LOCATION: NE Stephens/Winchester, Roseburg INCIDENT: Warrant Arrest/DWS-V CASE #: 210956 PERSON(S): (S) Dewbre, Jason Dwayne (34) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Douglas County Circuit Court Warrant FTA Disorderly Conduct VEHICLE(S): Silver 2000 Chrysler mini van 156KBB DETAIL(S): I stopped the listed vehicle for a couple violations and contacted the driver, Dewbre, who I know to be suspended. He also had the listed warrant for his arrest. DISPO: Dewbre was cited and released on scene for both the traffic violations and his warrant.

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