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Roseburg Man Badly Injured in Fall 3 Months Ago Close to Heading Home

11:18 PM · Mar 22, 2021

At the end of December, the hope was for Aaron Haskins to wake up. Three months later, Aaron has not only woken up, but he's been making enormous progress and is getting close to being able to go home! Melanie Haskins, Aaron's wife who has been by his side nearly every moment of the past 3 months sent us this update: "Aaron is ready and waiting for inpatient rehab placement. We've made it to the home stretch. Two weeks in rehab and then we're finally heading home. I'm excited to see how accurate the doctor's 6 month for full recovery prognosis is. Here's to a bright-looking August!" After getting home, Melanie and Aaron's next goal is a big hunting trip in Montana with their sons and extended family in the fall. If you would like to help support the Haskins family during this difficult time, a fundraiser has been set up here: Photo courtesy of Melanie Haskins, shows Melanie and Aaron smiling at each other.

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