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Roseburg Police Log for April 5th

6:22 PM · Apr 6, 2021

PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/05/2021 (09:47 AM) LOCATION: Chestnut and Highland Roseburg INCIDENT: Warrant CASE #: 204659 PERSON(S): (ARR) Cornutt, Jason Richard (36) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Failure to Appear on a Theft in the Third Degree charge out of the Roseburg Municipal Court. VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Officer stopped Jason walking on the sidewalk and knew he had a warrant. The warrant was confirmed by Douglas County Emergency Communications and Jason was issued a citation and released on scene. DISPO: Cite and release PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/05/2021 (10:50 AM) LOCATION: 957 NE Stephens St. INCIDENT: DWS-Misd CASE #: 211435 PERSON(S): (ARR) Rojas Jr, Samuel Henry (34) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Driving While Suspended-Misdemeanor VEHICLE(S): Black 2000 Honda Accord, 4-d, No plate VIN: JHMCG5651YC000266 DETAIL(S): Samuel was pulled over for having a broken taillight and his driving privileges returned suspended at a misdemeanor level through DMV. Officer issued Samuel a criminal citation and a valid driver took over the vehicle. DISPO: Cite and release. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/05/2021 (12:28 PM) LOCATION: 682 NE Alemeda Ave Roseburg INCIDENT: Violation No Contact Order CASE #: 211437 PERSON(S): (ARR) Kirkendall, Dale Lee (40) Roseburg, (VIC) Kirkendall, Chris (57) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Violation of a No Contact Order, Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Dale was contacted in the middle of the roadway on Dee St. near the Jersey Lilly. Dale was in violation of a No Contact Order issued by the Douglas County Circuit Court for having offensive contact with Chris. DISPO: Dale was transported to Corrections where he was lodged. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/05/2021 (03:00 PM) LOCATION: SE Oak & SE Stephens, Roseburg INCIDENT: Non-Injury Traffic Crash CASE #: 211441 PERSON(S): (SUS) Pope, Michael Murray 30yo Transient, (DR2) Chavez, Reyna Lucia 22yo Roseburg CHARGE(S): Pope: Driving While Suspended Misdemeanor, Driving Uninsured, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device VEHICLE(S): Pope: OR 691DSX White 1983 Ford Fairlane, Chavez: OR 043JQE Green 2015 Toyota Corolla DETAIL(S): Pope was traveling north in the left lane of SE Stephens as he approached the intersection with SE Oak. Chavez was stopped facing east on SE Oak as she waited for her light to turn green at the same intersection. When Chavez' light turned green, she proceeded into the intersection to make a left turn onto Stephens.Pope saw his light was red, but was unable to stop in time, so he went into the intersection where he collided with Chavez' vehicle. There was no damage to the steel bumper on Pope's vehicle, but Chavez' vehicle sustained damage to its front bumper. Neither party was injured and both vehicles were drivable. DISPO: Pope was found to be Misdemeanor Suspended and did not have insurance. Pope was cited and released for DWS (M). Pope was issued citations for Driving Uninsured and Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device as well. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/05/2021 (04:30 PM) LOCATION: 900 SE Fullerton St, Roseburg INCIDENT: Non-Injury Traffic Collision CASE #: 211445 PERSON(S): (DR1) Speer, Jon Michael (70) Roseburg, (DR2) McMillin, Shawn Michael (43) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Driving Uninsured VEHICLE(S): (1) D08616 black 2015 Jeep Renegade, (2) 616KFY white 2001 Ford F250 DETAIL(S): Jon Speer and Shawn McMillan were driving on Fullerton and their mirrors struck. I could not determine who committed a violation that contributed to the collision so no citations were issued for that. McMillan did not have insurance, therefore he was issued a citation for Driving Uninsured. DISPO: Cleared by Citation. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/05/2021 (06:15 PM) LOCATION: 2700 NW Stewart Parkway, Roseburg INCIDENT: Trespass CASE #: 211448 PERSON(S): (S) Triplett, Ricky Jay (68) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Criminal Trespass II VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Ricky Triplett was discharged from the hospital and refused to leave, blocking the ambulance entrance. He was arrested and transported to his hotel where he was cited and released. DISPO: Cleared by arrest. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: Fields DATE/TIME: 04/05/2021 (07:00 PM) LOCATION: 1871 NE Stephens St. Roseburg INCIDENT: Criminal Trespass II CASE #: 211449 PERSON(S): Crawford, Chandler Kaele (22) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Criminal Trespass II VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Officer contacted Chandler at the above listed location that was posted no trespassing. Chandler refused to give me his name and was later identified by corrections staff. Chandler was lodged at corrections DISPO: Cleared by arrest. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/05/2021 (07:15 PM) LOCATION: 178 Atkinson Court, Roseburg INCIDENT: Domestic Disturbance CASE #: 211450 PERSON(S): (S) Hargreaves, Nicholas Alan (31) Roseburg, (M) Paschel, Amanda Lee (34) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Disorderly Conduct II VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Nicholas Hargreaves was intoxicated and engaged in an argument with his girlfriend, Amanda Paschel. Amanda tried to leave and Nicholas grabbed her sweatshirt and yanked her around. Amanda did not want to pursue charges but the physical part of the disturbance occurred in the driveway and caused public alarm. Nicholas was arrested for Disorderly Conduct II, and a request was made for the City Attorney to consider additional charges. Nicholas was lodged in jail, but released on his own recognizance. DISPO: Cleared by arrest. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/05/2021 (08:00 PM) LOCATION: 161 NE Garden Valley Blvd. Roseburg INCIDENT: Disorderly Conduct CASE #: 211451 PERSON(S): (S) Teske, Joshua Brian (37) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Disorderly Conduct II, Criminal Trespass II VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Joshua Teske generated multiple calls for service throughout the day. Officer contacted Joshua at the above listed location for yelling at customers and running his body into the glass window. Joshua has been trespassed from the property multiple times. Officer transported Joshua to corrections where he was lodged on the charges. DISPO: Cleared by arrest. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD/DCSO DATE/TIME: 04/06/2021 (04:00 AM) LOCATION: 700 SE Douglas Roseburg INCIDENT: Reckless Driving/Vehicle Pursuit CASE #: 211461 PERSON(S): (S)Breslin, James Austin (61) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Attempt to Elude-Vehicle, Attempt to Elude-Foot, Reckless Driving, DUII VEHICLE(S): OR/ DETAIL(S): Breslin was called in by three separate callers regarding Reckless Driving, one of which was off-duty Dep. Manuel.DCSO Deputy attempted a traffic stop with Breslin on NE Stephens, who took off. Breslin continued to drive recklessly from one side of Roseburg to the other; several times doubling back. He was spiked about eight minutes into the pursuit (deflating one of his passenger side dually tires) and again about 20 minutes later (this time getting the passenger front and other rear tire).He continued to drive on rims for another 3-4 minutes before coming to a stop in front of the Police Department.He fled on foot an officer located him at SE Court/SE Rose, where he was taken into custody. At the conclusion of the investigation, Breslin was arrested on the above mentioned charges. DISPO: Breslin was lodged at DCC and his vehicle was impounded/towed by Roseburg Towing.


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