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Roseburg Police Log for April 6th

4:03 PM ยท Apr 7, 2021

PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/06/2021 (10:30 AM) LOCATION: SE Spruce / SE Washington Roseburg INCIDENT: ROV CASE #: 211456 PERSON(S): (S)-Kindel, Nicholas James Lee 09/29/89 Roseburg CHARGE(S): Restraining Order Violation VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Officer had PC to arrest Kindel and located him at the above location. Officer arrested Kindel and lodged him at DCC. DISPO: CBA PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: Officer DATE/TIME: 04/06/2021 (02:48 PM) LOCATION: 2041 NW Stewart Parkway (Stewart Park Pavilion) INCIDENT: Warrant CASE #: 204423 PERSON(S): (ARR) Lang Jr, Harry Albert (66) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Roseburg Police Department FTA Warrant- Littering VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Officer contacted Harry at the Stewart Park after receiving calls that he was exposing himself. Officer was unable to substantiate a crime but Harry had the above warrant. DISPO: Harry was cited and released. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/06/2021 (04:46 PM) LOCATION: 1156 NW Garden Valley Blvd INCIDENT: Vehicle versus bicycle crash. CASE #: 211473 PERSON(S): (Bicyclist) Cox, Daniel Lee (46) Roseburg, (Driver) Wilson, Cassidy (29) Roseburg CHARGE(S): VEHICLE(S): blue Honda Fit (OR SB21705) DETAIL(S): On 4/6/21, at 1646 hours, Officers responded to a reported crash between a blue Honda Fit (OR SB21705) and a bicyclist at 1156 NW Garden Valley Boulevard (Sizzler). There were no injuries and the investigation concluded that both parties were at fault. Neither party was cited and I completed an information exchange. DISPO: Both parties were issued warnings. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/06/2021 (05:00 PM) LOCATION: 177 NW Garden Valley Blvd, Roseburg INCIDENT: Criminal Mischief CASE #: 211474 PERSON(S): (S) Mitchell, Nicholas Ryan (40) Roseburg, (V) Yellow Flamingo CHARGE(S): 1. Parole Violation, 2. Criminal Mischief II VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Nicholas walked into the Yellow Flamingo this afternoon, urinated on the floor, and kicked a hole in the wall by the restrooms. Nicholas was located later this evening and his parole officer wanted him detained for the new crime along with alcohol use. DISPO: Nicholas was lodged at the jail. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/06/2021 (06:20 PM) LOCATION: 346 NW Garden Valley Blvd INCIDENT: Recovery of a stolen vehicle CASE #: 211475 PERSON(S): (V) Danko, Harrison Lee (34) Roseburg CHARGE(S): VEHICLE(S): Maroon 2004, Subaru Legacy 4D, OR 129JKF DETAIL(S): Officers contacted Harrison at a gas station on NW Garden Valley Blvd. He told officers he recovered his own stolen near the Gamestop on NE Stephens St. Harrison took the keys from his ex-girlfriend and drove to the gas station and called police. The vehicle was removed as stolen and officers tried to locate the suspect but were unable to find her. DISPO: No arrests were made and the vehicle was removed from LEDS/NCIC PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/06/2021 (11:47 PM) LOCATION: SE Mosher @ SE Pine, Roseburg. INCIDENT: 12-17 CASE #: 211479 PERSON(S): D1: Miller, Tyrone J (27); Roseburg., D2: Island, Carrie M (50); Roseburg. CHARGE(S): VEHICLE(S): V1: 1996 Dodge Ram 1500, OR plate 631ESK., V2: 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara, OR plate 246ERW. DETAIL(S): Initial investigation substantiated that Tyrone Miller's Dodge pickup attempted to cross Pine Street from the Mosher Avenue stop sign and collided with Carrie Island's Suzuki Grand Vitara. Carrie was transported by ambulance to Mercy Medical Center where she was examined for knee and wrist pain(s); Tyrone was transported to Mercy by family for examination of leg pain. DISPO: The cause of the crash is under investigation due to allegations the Suzuki's headlights were off. The Suzuki was towed by Roseburg Towing, and the Dodge was driven from the scene. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/06/2021 (11:58 PM) LOCATION: SE Arizona / SE Hoover, Roseburg INCIDENT: Fugitive CASE #: 211478 PERSON(S): (S) Irwin, Joshua David (47) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Warrant: Failure to Appear on Dangerous Drugs (DCSO) VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Joshua was called in as one half of a disturbance near SE Hoover / SE Fullerton. While officers were in the area, dispatch confirmed he had a felony warrant.With the help of a K9, Joshua was found and taken into custody. DISPO: Lodged at Douglas County Corrections.