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Dawson Road Fire Recap

11:18 PM · Apr 13, 2021

(DFPA)Crews from the Douglas Forest Protective Association, Douglas County Fire District #2, and Glide Rural Fire Department suppressed a six-acre fire Monday afternoon that was determined to be caused by an escaped debris burn. Crews from all three agencies responded to the fire, located 2 miles southeast of Roseburg around 3:30 PM and located the fire near Dawson Road. The fire was spreading up a hillside, burning through grass, brush, and snow damaged vegetation upon their arrival. Crews stopped the forward spread of the fire at six acres and remained on scene until 7:00 PM to secure the perimeter of the fire. The Dawson Road Fire destroyed a bulldozer that belonged to the landowner, but no homes were threatened by the blaze. “Although everything looks green right now, it is actually much dryer than it appears” says DFPA Fire Prevention Specialist Kyle Reed. “The prolonged warm, dry, and windy conditions have caused an increased fire risk throughout the county for this time of year.” While open burning is not restricted at this time, fire officials are asking Douglas County residents to refrain from unnecessary debris burning until fire conditions improve. In addition, anyone who has recently burned debris piles or have had recreational fires, such as campfires, cooking fires, or warming fires, should check the area to ensure that they were properly extinguished. If heat or smoke is detected, apply water to the ashes and stir them with a shovel. Continue this process until there is no longer any heat or smoke detected and the area is cool to the touch.

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