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Volunteers Cleanup the Winchester Dam Viewing Area

2:33 AM · Apr 26, 2021

We had another successful landscaping and cleanup project today out at the Winchester Dam parking lot and around the viewing area grounds. 10 volunteers worked for 4-5 hours each this afternoon to get all the work done. The weather did not quite cooperate as it rained hard at times and made the cleanup take quite a bit longer than normal. We had two industrial mowers and five weedwhackers going most of the day and then a fleet of leafblowers at the end to clean everything up. Huge thank you to Scott Fenn and Ryan Burchell from S & R Yard Maintenance who brought out their two landscaping trucks and trailers full of all their gear. The work could not have been accomplished without them and their equipment! Also big thank you to Keith McDonald for your help and continued work and maintenance at this site. Thank you to Christina Ramage, Degan Clevenger, Jennifer Edge, Moses Finlay, Elijah Finlay and Abraham Finlay for all your hard work this afternoon! We had pizza afterward for all the volunteers through a kind donation from Luann Urban. Thank you Luann!