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Roseburg Police Log for April 26th

6:14 PM ยท Apr 27, 2021

PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/26/2021 (08:40 AM) LOCATION: 1036 SE Douglas Ave. Roseburg INCIDENT: Escape/ Eluding on Foot CASE #: 211059,211566 PERSON(S): (S) Mahoney, Michael Stephen (21) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Eluding a Police Officer on Foot, Escape in the Third Degree, Reckless Driving Recklessly, Endangering Another Person VEHICLE(S): 1998 gold Toyota passenger car Oregon plate 402GUE DETAIL(S): Michael was contacted at the Douglas County Courthouse and was placed into custody for multiple charges. On 3/9/21, Michael drove in a erratic manner in attempt to get away from officers and in doing so almost hit a pedestrian. On 4/13/21, officers attempted to do a traffic stop on Michael near his residence. Michael ran to his residence and was told multiple times he was under arrest. DISPO: Michael was lodged at Corrections. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/26/2021 (10:15 AM) LOCATION: 928 NE Willow St, Roseburg INCIDENT: Harassment CASE #: 211786 PERSON(S): (V) Denny, Christine (45) Roseburg, (S) Sorrell, Jesse (45) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Harassment VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Christine arrived at her residence to collect some belongings and leave. She is currently staying elsewhere because she claims Jesse is using drugs and his behavior has become increasingly violent. While inside the residence Jesse became angry that Christine wouldn't give him any money and she claims he pushed her.The neighbors heard a commotion and called DCEC.Jesse denied pushing Christine but did say he was running SO fast towards her that he couldn't stop and he may have bumped into the back of her with his chest.Christine collected her belongings and left the residence and Jesse was cited and released on scene. DISPO: Cleared by arrest PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/26/2021 (01:40 PM) LOCATION: 600 block NE Chestnut, Roseburg INCIDENT: Disorderly Conduct CASE #: 211790 PERSON(S): (S) Mozingo, Ashley Marie (28) Transient CHARGE(S): Disorderly Conduct II, Resisting Arrest VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Mozingo crossed all five lanes of NE Stephens from the Budget 16 to OK's Auto, causing vehicles traveling in every lane to stop for her. Mozingo was warned of Disorderly conduct, but the officer continued to watch her as she walked west on Chestnut.Without looking, Mozingo stepped out in front of two westbound vehicles, causing them to stop for her. Officer told Mozingo she was under arrest and she continued to walk away. Mozingo resisted arrest and had to be taken to the ground. DISPO: Mozingo was transported to Douglas County Corrections where she was lodged. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/26/2021 (10:50 PM) LOCATION: 511 SE Stephens Street Roseburg INCIDENT: UEMV CASE #: 211795 PERSON(S): (S) Hershey, Leeann Marie (48) Roseburg, (V) Juarez, Michelle Oliviera (19) Roseburg CHARGE(S): -Unlawful Entry into a Motor Vehicle, -Theft III, -Disorderly Conduct II VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Officer contacted Leeann while she was inside a vehicle that did not belong to her, attempting to stick a key into the ignition. Leeann was taken into custody after yelling at, and struggling with officers. Leeann was lodged at corrections. DISPO: Cleared by arrest. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/26/2021 (11:52 PM) LOCATION: Templin Beach INCIDENT: Domestic Violence CASE #: 211706 PERSON(S): (S) Hay-Chapman, Allan (35); Roseburg. CHARGE(S): Assault in the Fourth Degree VEHICLE(S): 2004 Dodge Ram, blue, WA B42968U DETAIL(S): Officer recognized Allan sitting in the listed vehicle and interviewed him about a recent injury to his girlfriend. DISPO: Allan was arrested and lodged on the listed charge. PATROL: Roseburg Police OFFICER: RPD DATE/TIME: 04/27/2021 (07:00 AM) LOCATION: 2071 NE Stephens space G4 INCIDENT: Restraining Order Violation CASE #: 211797 PERSON(S): (S) Ward, Kimberly Rose. (44) Roseburg, (V) Pier, Laura Rose. (72) Roseburg CHARGE(S): Restraining Order Violation VEHICLE(S): DETAIL(S): Officer contacted Kimberly right outside of her mother's house. She told me she was dropped off by "Kristy" and she did not know where she was. Dispatch informed me there was a valid restraining order on Kimberly. She was not allowed within 150 feet of her mother, who the officer confirmed was in her home approximately 50 feet away. DISPO: The Restraining Order was confirmed by dispatch and Kimberly was lodged at DCC.