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Mercy Foundation Hosting Fundraiser For HKOP Dental Program

6:44 PM · May 5, 2021

On Saturday, May 15th, the Mercy Foundation is hosting a fundraiser for HKOP and specifically for dental vans sterilization equipment and van exam rooms. The program helps support mobile dental care for kids in Douglas County. The event theme is around the Kentucky Derby, "Talk Derby to Me". Here are the event details from Mercy Foundation. Online event: Saturday, May 15th, 3 pm. Enjoy this event in the comfort of your home while experiencing “A Day at the Kentucky Derby” with your friends! Log onto and enjoy all the activities! Race starts at 3:30 pm. BUY IT NOW SILENT AUCTION* 50/50 RAFFLE HAT CONTEST AND MORE! Virtual Event RACE STARTS AT 3:30 p.m. A $50 entry fee will give you an opportunity to win points for 6 Derby Style races totaling 100 points. Use your points to pick your favorite horse. You can purchase additional points in increments of 50 points for $25. Based on where your horse finishes, additional points will be awarded to you: Win – 3 Points Place – 2 Points Show – 1 Point Exacta – 4 Points (Win and Place) Trifecta – 5 Points (Win, Place, and Show) Grand Prize will be awarded to the person with the most accumulated points after 6 Derby Style Races, followed by 2nd and 3rd prizes. If there is a tie, we are prepared to provide additional grand prizes. Purchase your race cards at *Auction begins May 14 at 5 pm and closes May 15 at 5 pm. For more info call or visit Mercy Foundation at 541-677-4818 |

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