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Smoldering Snag From Archie Creek Fire Ignites Holdover Fire

5:56 AM · Jun 23, 2021

Firefighters from the Douglas Forest Protective Association and Glide Rural Fire Department responded to a fire near Cobble Creek Tuesday morning, which is located within the Archie Creek Fire scar. Crews located a “holdover fire” that was burning in two large dead trees, also known as snags. One of the snags had already burned through and fell to the ground before crews arrived on scene. The second snag, which was still standing, had fire in the top of the tree. Crews were able to safely engage the Cobble Creek fire and three engines worked to extinguish the holdover fire which was contained to roughly 1/100th of an acre. Additional holdover fires within the Archie Creek Fire scar may be located in the coming days to weeks as temperatures rise, and fuels dry out. DFPA is working with public land management agencies and private landowners who were affected by the Archie Creek Fire to monitor the burned area using fire detection cameras, aviation resources, and ground patrols. All holdover fires that are detected within the footprint of the Archie Creek Fire this summer will receive a response from firefighters and the appropriate suppression actions will be taken based on safety factors and the probability of fire spread. Fire officials remind that the majority of land within the Archie Creek Fire scar, including both public lands and private industrial timberlands, remains closed to public access as post fire recovery projects continue throughout the area. Via DFPA

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