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Bitcoin Bounty: Trash Pickup at Rope Swing on the North Umpqua River

11:11 PM ยท Jul 13, 2021

Update: this bounty has been claimed and all the trash picked up! Our family floated the river yesterday and noticed a bunch of trash, beer bottles and cans at the rope swing beach along the North Umpqua River. This is between Amacher Park and Hestness Landing. We didn't have any bags to put everything in so this is going to be the first Roseburg Tracker bitcoin bounty. Bounty: First person to pick up all the trash, cans, and bottles around the rope swing will receive $10 in Bitcoin. Just take photos of the trash you picked up (so I can see the recognizable items) and a few photos of the cleaned-up beach afterward, and one photo of it in a trashcan and send them to me at I will then send you $10 of Bitcoin via cash app. (so there are no transaction fees) You can sign up for a free Cash App account at the link below and you will even get $5 for signing up. We will be using Cash App for many contests and bounties in the future as well. * Disclosure: I will get a referral compensation if you open an account using the link above.