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The Four Freshmen Featured Tonight at Music on the Half Shell

12:15 AM · Jul 21, 2021

Tonight at 7pm in Stewart Park, the Four Freshmen will perform for this week's Music on the Half Shell. Attendees can bring their own dinner as well as beer and wine. Food trucks will be on-site as well. The following is the description from the Half Shell website: "Appearing at Music On The Half Shell first in 2002, The Four Freshmen return for their second performance. Singing with a harmony uniquely their own, The Four Freshmen have enamored listeners world-wide for years, while gaining recognition as one of the most influential vocal groups of all time. Their tight-knit sound inspired The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, The Mamas & The Papas, Frankie Valli and the Manhattan Transfer. It all started in 1948, when four college freshmen crafted a unique style of vocal harmony that soon caught the ear of the great bandleader Stan Kenton. Kenton was responsible for bringing the Freshmen to Capitol Records, where they would eventually record 23 albums, thrusting them into the national spotlight. The Freshmen have recorded over 75 albums, 70 top selling singles, and received 6 Grammy Nominations. The four have toured constantly since their inception, continuing to perform to sold out audiences around the globe. The integrity of the sound created by the original guys has been meticulously maintained."

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