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More Improvements Completed at Ford's Pond Community Park in Sutherlin

3:16 AM · Jul 31, 2021

The new parking lot at Ford's Pond Community Park has been completed and is now open. The parking lot features 35 parking spaces, sidewalks, portable toilet and a bike rack. The parking lot also connects up to the new paved pathway that goes around the pond. The path is a bit over halfway completed. The remainder of the pathway will be paved by the summer of 2022 according to Friends of Ford's Pond, a non-profit organization that has been instrumental in the pond's improvements. "Ford’s Pond Community Park could not have happened without the partnership between the Friends of Ford’s Pond and the City of Sutherlin. Our next fundraising goal is playground equipment." said Beth Houseman, Board Secretary for Friends of Ford's Pond. A new playground, restrooms, and picnic shelters will be next to the new parking lot area. Funding has been secured for everything except the playground equipment, which is estimated to cost about $350k for the equipment and safety surfacing, Houseman said For more about the Friends Ford's Pond, you can visit their website here: Donations can be made to the Friends of Ford's Pond here: The new parking lot at Ford's Pond can be access via Church Road off of Highway 138W.

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