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Poole Creek Fire Jumps Containment Lines, Starts 100 Acre Spot Fire

5:48 PM · Aug 10, 2021

With an excessive heat warning starting today and expected to last through Saturday, the Poole Creek Fire is expected to become more active. The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning due to unstable conditions and excessive heat. Yesterday evening the Poole Creek Fire crossed the containment line on the east side. Firefighters quickly responded and will continue working to corral the 100-acre spot fire today. A strong control line has been built on the northwest side of the fire to protect homes on the south side of the South Umpqua River. Two Oregon State Fire Marshal taskforces will arrive on the fire this evening to provide additional support around structures if needed. Crews continue to patrol and mop-up the smaller fires within the complex. Crews with hand-held infrared cameras identified and marked hot spots within the Sweat Creek Fire about 3.5 miles east of Canyonville. The spots were flagged and will be extinguished today. As the smaller fires gain more containment, crews are being sent to support the Pool Creek Fire. As a precaution, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office has issued a Green or Level 1 “Be Ready” evacuation advisory for residences in the area north of Poole Creek Fire. This includes an area south of the South Umpqua River along Tiller Trail Highway including all addresses on Ferguson Lane and Moore Ranch Road. Latest Skyline Ridge Complex Information: Estimated Size: 3,079 Acres Containment 21% Location 5 Miles SE of Canyonville, OR Cause: Lightning Personnel: 1,203 Hand Crews: 39 Engines: 37 Dozers: 12 Water Tenders: 21 Other heavy equipment: 19 Assigned Aircraft: 12 Structures threatened: 100 Via Incident Command