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Skyline Ridge Complex Now 23% Contained

7:17 PM · Aug 11, 2021

Firefighters are engaged on two fronts on Poole Creek. First, actively suppressing fire growth on the southeast flank of the fire and anywhere hot spots are found beyond control lines. Second, conducting strategic burn outs to strengthen fire lines. Overall containment on the Complex stands at 23 percent. The recent increase in fire size is all from Poole Creek, which has burned over 3,000 acres. This is the natural progression of the fire as it moves north down two canyons. Active burning with runs up to the ridgetops has challenged firefighters to catch and corral large hot spots. Last night, firefighters conducted three successful burn outs to secure ridgetop control lines. Today, they’ll keep working to contain fires they located earlier on a flank of the east ridge. The Poole Creek Fire was very active in the early evening hours yesterday, with some significant uphill runs. Hot, dry and unstable conditions could bring more active fire behavior today. Tonight, area residents can expect to see smoke from the fire’s growth and planned burn outs. They should also be aware of fire vehicles on roads near the fire. In the skies, helicopters will be busy dropping water on hot spots and fire retardant to help reinforce fire lines. Incident Commander Joe Hessel said firefighters are focused in two places suppressing fire growth around the fire and ensuring strong control lines to keep it between the two ridges. “There’s a lot of hard work still to be done but we’re staying in the fight and making progress.” Via IC