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Roseburg Forest Products Truck Driver Helps Put Out Fire Along I-5

12:17 AM · Aug 26, 2021

Travis McCartt, a truck driver for Roseburg Forest Products happened across a fire on the side of I-5 last week and was able to put it out with his fire extinguisher he had in his truck. Here is what was shared about the incident by Roseburg Forest Products: "As Roseburg driver Travis McCartt drove southbound along I-5 last week, he noticed something unusual. “A couple of cars were pulled over on the side of the road and I saw a plume of smoke coming up,” he said. With fire season well underway and dangerous drought conditions, everyone present knew the importance of stopping the small grass fire before it could grow. Four people had stopped to try to put it out; one man had pulled over on his Harley Davidson and was beating the fire with his leather jacket to try to smother it. Travis’ truck is always equipped with a fire extinguisher. He hopped out and used it to stop the flames in seconds. After ensuring the fire was thoroughly put out, Travis and the small crowd looked just up the hill and spotted a house. “It was just about 150 feet up the bank, and the fire would have gone straight for it,” said Travis. Well done to Travis and each of the people who stopped and thought fast to prevent a major catastrophe from happening!